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Facebook Group Info Scrapper Tool

No more manual work. Extract your group members answers and profile when they join your group.


Great for Facebook group admins.


Set-up in just 2 minutes.


Runs on Windows or Mac.

RM99 / lifetime access

Waste too much time copying your Facebook Group’s member answers?

Facebook groups are one of the best ways to build a community. It’s a great way to build an audience list by adding membership questions. But there’s no way to copy & paste every answer into a sheet. The only way is to do it one by one.

Reactflow shows you why your visitors don’t buy your products.

  • What is blocking your visitors from purchasing?
  • Is there a page that is not working correctly?
  • Are they looking to find something, but can’t find it?
  • Are they getting lost in your website?
  • Are they clicking the wrong buttons?

While most website owners guess the answers. Now, with Reactflow you can be 100% sure.

Watch your visitors turn into customers – literally.

With session replay, watch the activity and behaviour of your users. Uncover the errors, see why they get frustrated and leave your website.

Then fix the exact roadbump that is causing your users to exit your website – without dropping a lead or purchasing.

Get instantly notified – whenever your customer face a bug.

Nothing can kill your sales faster than website bugs and unexpected hiccups – whether on a mobile or desktop.

Payment form not working? Add-to-cart not working? Button not clickable? page not loading?

Whenever your customer face a bug, Reactflow will instantly inform you – so you can take action and win back the sale immediately.

See what’s important – and what’s nonsense, with heatmaps.

Reactflow’s dynamic heatmaps visualize every click, hovers and scrolls that your visitors do on your website.

How are users interacting with your website on a desktop vs a mobile phone? Are they ignoring some important buttons?

Know exactly what is working on your website or E-commerce store and optimize everything to drive more conversions and sales.

Including these features to help you convert more sales.

Funnel Analytics

Create funnel steps, and watch why and where your visitors are dropping off from each step.

Share Recordings

Work with a team of marketers, UX & product managers? Share video recordings anytime, anywhere and collaborate.

Feedback Forms

Design feedback forms and get user feedback on whether they like your site – and how you can improve.

Reactflow works with your favourite platforms.

All you need to do – is an easy installation by adding a plugin or just adding
one line of code served via fast CDNs to your website.

Built for you to convert.

For marketers, E-commerce site owners, funnel hackers, UX designers, developers and product managers.

State-of-art privacy and compliance.
Reactflow developed with extensive focus on privacy and compliance. Your customers’ data are masked before transmission to our servers via Reactflow’s layout matching masking technology.

Pixel-perfect accuracy you an count on.
The web is now much more complex than ever. Closely monitor  based on latest technologies and W3C, WCAG and WHATWG communities and compile most accurate recordings from your website visitors.

Fast. Easy Installation. Instant insights.
Reactflow smartly loads in steps from our optimized CDNs that never slows down your website. Works out of the box and integrate with every platforms. Zero configuration is required to install.

Enterprise-grade layered security.
Enterprise-grade security ensure your data remain yours. Each Reactflow service is secured within own container and transmission between servers occurs via AES256-CBC cryptography.

Get The Reactflow Deal

Includes a 3-months pro version of platform at whopping 45% off.

Reactflow Pro (3-months usage)

RM150 RM260.94

~ 3-months Reactflow pro.
~ Must redeem within 6 months.
~ Renewable at USD19.90/month, if you renew.

What’s Included

  • 3-months Reactflow Pro.
  • Daily pageview processing.
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited widgets.
  • Unlimited bug tracking.
  • Activate on 1 site.
  • Free-forever plan, if you don’t renew after 3 months.

Digital Marketing Manager, Flexiroam.

Sathya Narayanan

Reactflow has been a great investment for our company. Our developer team uses it to ensure everything is functioning properly and watch what is causing errors to fix it right away, I am in the marketing team who uses it to optimize our campaigns and make them better every day.

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