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Social media training for business owners.

How To Strategize Your Social Media Strategy

No more sleepless nights wondering if your efforts on social media are working – by learning to implement a social media strategy.

Date: 7th May 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 8PM – 10PM

Turn ‘no-idea’ into results.

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin, most businesses just copy what others do. But you can should build a strategy for your brand.

Last week we asked people what would give their business the biggest impact. Most said – strategy.

As we dug deeper, we found that most businesses do not have a social media strategy. 

Every post they posted online – is simply done on impulse, whenever they feel like it. Worse yet, they spend money on fancy tools such as Hootsuite or design tools like Canva and see no ROI from their social media activities.


Put clarity into social media.

It’s time to put a social media strategy in place. In this webinar, you’ll learn from Joseph, a highly-experienced social media strategist, who will help you:

Implement a social media strategy

Have a Facebook page, social media followers, but do not have a strategy in place? 

This training session will help you implement the same type of social media strategy used by companies such as Khiels, Netlfix, and Dr. Martens.

Build your brand personality

Who are you and your brand in the eyes of your customers? Find the way to connect with your consumers in a way you’ve never done before.

Content creation techniques

The usual advice is to create more and more content. But there is more content than we can consume on social media.

Learn how to re-approach content creation for your brand.

Attract customers and build brand loyalty.

Social media is an engagement tool for business.

And yet – many businesses use social media as though it’s an advertising platform. 

My product is the best! Buy from me. Biggest discount! 

The end-goal of using social media is to drive sales for your business. However, there are components that need a strategy before you see actual sales coming in. 

Some topics in this training, include:

  1. Understanding the purpose of social media.
  2. Identifying your target audience.
  3. Strategizing your social media strategy around different platforms.
  4. Building your brand personality.
  5. Proven ways to create social media content.
  6. Exploring the organic algorithm of social media.
  7. Proper use of Hashtags

The Online Training Starts on:

8PM – 10PM | 7th May 2020 (Thursday)

Register for the Zoom webinar using the link below. 
We have a 100 spots limit.

The Speaker

Joseph Pek.

Digital Content Lead at Stream Empire Holdings

A social media unicorn with over 8 years in social media, influencer marketing, copy-writing, graphic design, and project management.

Joseph is no stranger when it comes to working with startups to global brands be it social media strategy, branding, content strategy, e-commerce, and production ranging from Netflix, Kiehl’s, Converse, New Balance, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Village Grocer, Lipton.

Some of his past achievements include lifting Kiehl’s Malaysia’s Instagram brand presence by 40.9% within 3 months and creating digital strategy playbooks for over brands under L’Oreal Malaysia group and also kickstarting NYX Cosmetics MY and Matrix Hair Malaysia’s social media efforts.

In his current role as Digital Content Lead in Stream Empire Holdings, Joseph has turned around the content strategy and visual aesthetic of New Balance Malaysia with an increased engagement by 400% within its first week. He has also quickly adapted a brick and mortar mindset of a business to focusing on e-commerce in times of MCO.

And in this webinar, he’ll share strategies that you can use for your own business.

Questions you might ask.

How do I access the training?

This training is done online. Register free as a Digital Member, and you’ll find the link to join the online training in your account.

Who is this for?

This training is for small business owners and individuals, proudly brought to you by the team at LEAD.

Where can I get help?

There is a support group set up for participants in a Telegram group. Or if you need help right now, just email Reuben at reuben@thelead.io 

This is an online training initiative by LEAD (https://www.thelead.io) to help businesses. For further details, email csr@thelead.io